A deeper look at some cool production videos …

The Isenberg USA team was in China in May 2016, visiting our factory in the swanky industrial province of Zhejiang.

Take a look at some of the photos Carey, our QA head took on a gloomy, rainy day there. About 45-50% of Isenberg products by volume (mainly trims, handles, spouts etc) are made in these two behemoth Buildings.


And then the sun came out – 🙂


Below lets take a look at how some of our brand new Serie 260 products are made:


Take a look at the below video to see a top of the line large IMR Gravity casting machine in action making the Isenberg 260.1700 Vessel Faucet casting.

And finally – ever wonder how an Isenberg product gets its brushed nickel finishing – look at this dizzying PVD chamber where vapor deposition adds the most durable brushed nickel finishing to our faucet parts.


KBIS ’16 – A Review of How Isenberg’s Show Went

With 3 days of non-stop faucet talk we had an exhilarating time at our Booth (#S9013) at KBIS ’16 in Las Vegas. The finest dealers and media personnel across the nation stopped by to rate, investigate, review and play with our live plumbing fixtures.

With ratings for Design & Construction week higher than ever brand exposure for our company was extensive since we were featured in the Media Hard Hat Tour.

Some pictures of our booth before the show opened.


Happenings at our booth @ KBIS.


The Hard Hat Media Tour Happening @ Our Booth.

Our slick HSB.12S 12″ Rain head fully functioning @ our booth @ KBIS – The Kitchen And Bath Industry Show. With a 2.0 GPM flow rate you will  meet city code even in the very stringent California. The Product can be flush mount or you could use a ceiling mount shower arm.


Isenberg Bath Corporations HSB.12S 12″ Rain Head – Featured in the Chrome Finish.


Isenberg’s 160.2410 Roman Tub Faucet – Seen above in our live display in the Polished Nickel Finish. This product has valves manufactured in Germany inclusive of all-brass quarter-turn hot and cold cartridges. The product is also certified by IAPMO and listed on our UPC certificate.



The CFB.2250 Tub Filler. – Fully manufactured and assembled in Italy – this product has a simple 1/2″NPT connection making installation quite easy. The Chrome trim comes off easily for maintenance. Product is available in many different custom finishes.

And we save the best for last – The In-Wall Cascade Flow tub filler (Model # CFB.2150) – seen working below – Fully manufactured and assembled in Italy with adjustable flow rates enabling it to be used as a shower head and or a tub filler.


MAKE MINIMUM MAXIMUM: How to make your cramped bathroom look much bigger in 12 steps

1. A console sink frees up enough space for you to create a deck or storage space underneath it.

2. Go for a wall-mounted sink with storage space below to create an illusion of space.

3. Use large mirrors. They double your ‘mental space’.

4. Window in your bathroom should have a transparent or translucent cover so light is never an issue.

5. Claw-foot tubs or smaller mounted tubs give an impression of greater space because the floor is visible.

6. Using the entire length of a bigger room by segmenting it makes for a great bath space.

7. Leaner and longer lines are smart space illusion creators.

8. A short shower curtain that does not touch the floor gives an impression of more square footage.

9. It is best to have sliding doors instead of a swivel door.

10. Use a transparent shower curtain because it gives the eye free vision even when it is drawn.

11. Round shower space in a small rectangular or square space makes the entire space more efficient.

12. Use a predominantly white-on-white palette or the softer spectrum of colours, long and clean lines

Isenberg Faucet Review – 196.1000 Technical Details

Isenberg Bath Corporation’s 196.1000 Single Hole Faucet is described in this blog posts with close up photos and interior parts information.

Below you can see the solid brass body and base plate – the finish is brushed nickel.


The faucet also comes with the below pictured hose (20″ Long) – set screws and easy install spanner (Black color)


Isenberg Faucets 196.1000 comes with a aerator key so that the aerator can be removed and cleaned easily by simply inter-locking the key with the aerator and turning clock-wise. This key is needed as the aerator is “in-line” with the surface of the spout – i.e it does not stick out. Further this aerator swivels by pushing it gently with your thumb allowing directional control of the water stream. This is illustrated below.


This faucet’s cartridge removal process is illustrated below. A common allen key/wrench will be needed to unscrew the hex screw that keeps the handle on.


The decorative brass nut will need to be removed followed by the brass hex nut. See below.


The faucet cartridge can then be removed by hand. The cartridge Model Number is K-35A manufactured by Kerox.


Spec sheet and product information can be found on http://www.isenbergfaucets.com

Read more reviews, ratings and pictorial briefs about Isenberg products at the product review page – https://isenbergbath.wordpress.com/isenberg-product-reviews/

Isenberg’s KBIS ’14 booth – Design & Construction Week

With almost 2000 people attending our booth over a span of 3 days, KBIS ’14 was hectic and successful. Take a look at some of the photos…get in touch if you like any products… (info@isenbergfaucets.com)

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Common mistakes: What not to do while designing a bathroom



Here is a list of common errors that we make while designing a bathroom. Even if you are not building a bathroom now, it is pertinent to know about them:

Light matters
According to Houzz contributor Tiffany Carboni that “task lighting mounted above a mirror – including  recessed lighting – can cast unflattering shadows and darkness below the eyes”. Such lighting can not only hamper regular activities like applying make-up or shaving, it can also make you look older by up to a decade. Who wants to look old in a bathroom, just because the lights are all over the place?

So what do you do? Fix a pair of sconces or lights made specially for baths and mount them at eye level on either side of the mirror. This ensures that the face is illuminated from all angles, taking care of the shadows. This is perfect for activities like brushing as you get to see yourself as you are.

Along with bad lighting, the other problem is insufficient lighting. Soft, muted lights may give a warm ambience, but it could also result in you not noticing a yellowing teeth or a receding hairline. Besides that, it could lead to falls as you may not notice a water puddle on the floor and so. The golden rule, therefore is, have enough light by the side of the bathroom mirror.

Green is cheaper
Now for something that Isenberg takes very seriously: water conservation. If you put bathroom fixtures that delivers too much water, you end up wasting too much – more than what you actually need. It is very important to ensure all your fixtures have low water flow rates. All Isenberg faucets, for instance, come with the EcoMatic technology. It saves around 50 per cent water in every use. Such fixtures keep water bills down as well. If you can be good to the planet and save money doing that, why not? In fact, over time as you save money on water, it might end up paying for a new bathroom!

Think material
The kind of materials you use to create a bath space is important because a bathroom sees varied temperatures, moisture and so on. Materials like wood, textiles and even certain stones can’t take such environmental upheavels. Always use materials that are specifically designed to take different temperatures and moisture. Get a wallpaper that absorbs moisture (it is available). Hardwood cabinets take moisture much better as well.

Don’t forget the air
A ceiling fan in the bathroom keeps the air flow going well. Don’t forget to fix one. Air in a bath space can not only get stale and smell bad, it can also be heavy on mositure. This will eventually result in rust on metal, mold and spoil hinges etc.  Hence, ventilation is crucial. Big windows, large exhaust points, a ceiling fan – all contribute to a healthier atmosphere in a bathroom. A great window will also make your bath look bigger. It is a great illusion creator.

Money mantra
Generally the budget that we keep aside for a bath space is always off the mark. What you actually spend on the bathroom is generally higher.  Which is why you need a buffer expense of say 20 per cent. This should keep you in good stead.

Issues like mold, dry rot, electrical service, antiquated plumbing and insufficient water pressure increases the damage sorely. If you’re scraping pennies together to afford that great Italian marble you want, you might consider waiting until you have a little extra dough in the bank. Don’t plan a bathroom till you can actually spend more than what you have decided. There is no such thing as the perfect bath budget.

Wiry fix
Another common mistake happens with the electrical wiring in a bath space. It is well known now that almost 70 per cent of all home accidents happen in the bathroom. Which is why, putting together the wiring in a bath thoughtlessly is a strict no-no.

Improperly installed electrical outlet, poorly mounted shower door or mirror, or about a hundred other things can be risky. It could structurally weaken your home and make your family vulnerable to electrical shocks and toxic stuff. It is a must to get professionals to fix electricals, ideally from a contractor of some experience.

Space out well
Space crunch in the bathroom means space crunch in your mind. Always consider about how much more space can be given to a bathroom. If you plan to turn a closet into a bathroom, dwell on what can be done to maximise the space. The best way out is to consider an absolutely new space to model a bathroom in. Did you know that a good bathrobe takes as much space as a big bed spread? Yes, space is needed, simply to ensure your storage does not eat into your bath experience. Indulge yourself when it comes to space in a bathroom. You won’t regret it. Less is not always more.

A bathroom low on storage is a badly designed bath. It may appear pretty at first, but if you have to get out of the bathroom every time you want that extra towel, you will end up getting annoyed. It is better to get rid of the majestic pedestal sink idea and fix built-in cabinets instead. Add shelves, fix towel racks on the wall and use hooks (for hanging clothes etc) on solid doors. Storage space, as you will slowly discover, is never enough.

Future-proof your bath
The future is uncertain, especially when it comes to a bathroom. If you wish to sale your home someday, a great bath may push up rates by 10 per cent at least. A huge bath tub may delight you now, but along the line a buyer may want a double wall cabinet, as that could make your bathroom more functional. You too are going to love such a bath because it is more family friendly, whether you plan to sell it or not. Overhauling a bathroom every few years is never a good idea. Plan well now, and save yourself the headache later. Always use great workmanship and minimal styling to keep your bathroom young and spacious.

Hot bath, cool results



The hot tub is your best friend after a tough day. And there’s more…

It’s cold. It’s been a hard day. You are aching and cranky. So, what do you do? Don’t just hit the television with some junk food for company. Instead take it slow and go to your very own sanctuary: the bathroom. And run yourself a great hot bath because it is a great medicine for your body and mind.

Researchers say that baths not only help you unwind and soaks all the stress that you are under, but also gives a fillip to your overall wellbeing because they are not only great for unwinding and soaking away the stress of the day, but also for your immunity. A good hot bath helps you fight germs that maybe lurking around in the cold.

Hot baths keep your skin ship-shape. They get rid of itches, help skin conditions like eczema, eases pain and helps keep more serious health disorders at bay. The New England Journal of Medicine reported that diabetics could reduce their blood sugar levels by spending 30 minutes in a hot tub. And by how much do sugar levels come down? Almost 13 per cent!

That happens because the heat dilates blood vessels and improves blood circulation. It also helps in more efficient use of insulin. A hot bath is great for heart health. According to a Japanese study, 10 minutes in a warm bath helps the elderly in improving their cardiovascular health. This in turn reduces pain and improves the body’s ability to exercise.

You probably know that hot baths really give relief from colds, it can even prevent viruses/ cols and give you sound sleep.

 Here’s to better bathing:

 ·        90-95F (32-35 degrees C) hot baths open pores, makes you sweat. This gets rid of toxins. Great for detoxing, slight colds. Also alleviates painful joints and muscles, keeps your stomach healthy. 10-20 minute soak is good enough.

 ·        55-65F (12-18 degrees C) bath is great for stress relief. A quick 30 second soak is good enough.

·        Skin issues like eczema, hives or rashes can be taken care of by adding some baking soda to your hot bath, as it has antiseptic properties. It relieves itchiness and irritation. Lukewarm water is best for this. A 15 minute soak does the job.

·        Vinegar added to water is great for infections. Add to a full bath of warm water and get in for 20 minutes.